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Hello audience. Have we been introduced yet?

Focusing in on a specific demographic has definitely been an obstacle for my sticker business. I’m aware that knowing your audience is a key to success, but marketing such a small item with no obvious utility is a bit of a puzzle. (My answer to life’s problems is usually “Google it” and searching “who buys stickers” has not been super helpful so far.) A large part of my production is still a creative outlet just for me, so I guess that means my target market is twentysomething women who like quirky cute art and want to support independent artists with a couple bucks.

messy desk with stickers

Making stickers

That may sound specific at first, but is it, really? To be honest, sticker culture is fascinating, to say the least. If I were going to generalize sticker fans into Mean Girls-style groups, I’d say that you have:

  • the street artists out there slapping and swapping,
  • the overachievers (I mean that in an admirable way – I tried to have a bullet journal once and it lasted a month) with their planner stickers for literally any occasion you can think of,
  • …and children. Kids still like stickers, right?

So that observation left me wondering, where do I fit? It’s been very tempting to try my hand at each genre, but I know that would become a messy web of inconsistency. So I looked at shops that sell similar products to mine, thought about what uses my stickers could have, and imagined who might be buying them. If I had to pick something (and I did), I would say that my stickers naturally fit in the sort of card/stationery shop category. However, I have been very adamant (with myself, no one else is arguing with me) about mastering stickers before considering any other products. But that’s about where I’ve landed with my target audience at this point.

Who are you aiming your products at? Have you hit a bullseye yet?

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