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Wait for it…

…Keep waiting… or not. I do believe patience is a virtue, but as an artist, I’ve always wrestled with the idea of waiting for inspiration. Sometimes it’s just too easy to say “I don’t feel like it right now.” However, you’re supposed to write your way through writer’s block, so isn’t it the same in other media? Still, a lot of the time it feels like waiting for the perfect storm of the right mood, a good idea, and the time to execute it.

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The Inevitable Lull

I recently was creatively and Etsy-ly inactive for about a month after going through a wonderful ordeal of having a nightmare roommate, apartment hunting in Los Angeles (again), moving, and then being evacuated from my new apartment for a weekend after living there less than two weeks. Yes, I was stressed and exhausted and not in the best way to build a “one drawing a day” kind of habit. However, I do think self-expression (and I don’t mean bitching about my old roomie) is really important and I find drawing to be particularly relaxing. Looking back, I think I could have better kept up with my doodles just to help with my sanity level.

Business or Pleasure

That is, of course, all about my personal life and not my business. So there’s another question – do you just make whatever you feel like, or do you let the market influence your choices? I started off entirely in the former camp, but if you really feel that way, why start a shop at all? I have to admit that I would like to make a profit from my Etsy store – shocker, I know. So while I still draw things I like and hope other people like them too, I research what’s popular, as well. As long as I’m still putting my own spin on things and not just churning out copies of other stores’ bestsellers, then I’m happy.

What’s your take on it?

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