Places to Put Laptop Stickers Besides Your Laptop

or: obvious things you carry around with you that have some amount of surface area

While portable computers do provide the perfect canvas for expressive adhesives, you can think outside the box (literally) and display your stickers all over the place!


Smartphones are basically tiny laptops at this point, so you can definitely put a laptop sticker on your phone. Smaller, not-as-smart phone? Smaller stickers. Chances are you take your phone everywhere with you (I know, society… technology… go climb a tree… blah blah blah), so you can really get your couple bucks worth out of that sticker! (Please tell me you didn’t pay more than a couple bucks.) The one thing to consider is the durability of the sticker – if your phone is going in and out of your pocket all the time, the sticker might wear down.


Also small computers. Decorate them with personality and love.

Instrument case

Desperado Antonio Banderas

As a musician, you’re probably an artistic person who likes to express yourself. (Unless you’re a drummer.) Well that guitar case could use a sprucing, don’t you think? Just don’t get upset if your stickers are exposed to cheap beer, cramped vans, or face-melting solos. And if your guitar case is actually holding a bunch of weapons, it may be better to keep it nondescript.


Skaters are probably too cool to be reading this post, but maybe you know someone with a skateboard. I bet they would love some stickers for it.


I am still on the fence about bumper stickers, but they are a classic choice. Recent favorites: “Adults on board – we want to live too” and “Giant Meteor [for president] 2016.” Some laptop stickers may not fare well on the outside of your car, so bring them inside! You could even get some scratch-and-sniff stickers instead of an air freshener. (Kidding.)


I don’t know how long it would last, but you would definitely have most unique pair of kicks in the room if you slapped a sticker or two on them.

Beverage containers

Coffee laptop stickers

A travel mug sticker, which you could stick on a travel mug.

If you’ve gotten into this whole ~hydration trend, why not get even cooler and decorate your water bottle? Or travel mug, if you’re more into the caffeination thing. Of course, these stickers will need to be waterproof to make it through washing.


If your phone case is your wallet, see first list item. Also, don’t you worry about losing everything at once?


Whether you’re in school, an aspiring author, or Harriet the Spy, brighten up those bound pages with a quirky sticker. Who knows, it could be a conversation starter while you’re writing at your favorite coffee shop.


If you’re a serious collector, get a sticker album! They even make ones that allow the stickers to be removed.


Do not recommend:


As someone who is already dreading re-painting her apartment in like, over a year, this scene from Broad City haunts me. (For more than one reason.)


Unless it’s a name tag. And even then, it’s iffy.


May impair vision.


Bottom line: stickers are fun, so find places that need fun, and add a sticker!

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