Camera Stickers I’m Obsessed With

Last week I got a chance to actually take some photos at my job instead of just editing! It was a wonderful if short-lived break from staring at a computer, and it inspired me to pick out some of my favorite photography and camera stickers.

Clear Cameras

As you may have heard, I am not in the planner community (yet!), but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate planner stickers. These clear ones are extra cool and really accentuate the classic, simple design.

I Heart Portra

Film portra sticker

When I worked at a photography store (where I got this sticker), we were always selling out of Portra 400. We tried to figure out if there was an exact source recommending the film, or some other reason people were SO obsessed with it. But nah, it’s just a solid stock with good latitude.

Photographer MacBook Decal

Uhm WHAT. This is so cool. I have an orange skin with a film slate on my elderly MacBook, but this kind of makes me want a new one.

Mamiya TLR

Yes, this is my sticker. Did you know it’s based on a real camera that I own? When I discovered medium format photography in college, I fell in love. I really have a thing for square frames, so finding out I could use them outside of Instagram was pretty sweet.

I Shoot People

If you’re a photographer you might be sick of this joke. But come on, it’s still a little funny. (I actually have this sticker. Love this shop!)


Young, idealistic me would have loved this sticker. Older, still-idealistic-but-sometimes-not-as-much me also likes it. Capturing an incredible image really can get your heart racing.

Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

I saw this in one of my recent searches and had to include it. Just because you CAN Photoshop, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. (This also applies to filmmaking.) Almost any time I’ve been lazy and not fixed something during a shoot, I’ve regretted it. Seize the moment, friends.

Have a cool sticker that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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