In the Beginning

Vintage cameras. That’s the last thing I remember before I decided I wanted to make stickers.  When I first started, my friends and family asked how I got the idea (you know, besides being inspired by the million cool stickers already out in the world), and all I could say was, “well I was at work one day looking at cameras on Etsy and then…?”

Something about the art, the process, must have clicked with my brain. I had already been dabbling in digital art for a while and had even printed a few things out on my Little Printer That Could. Realizing all I needed was sticker paper, I did a little research (and am still doing it today) and ordered some Avery paper. Then of course I took it to the group chat – what kind of stickers would my friends want? Unicorns were a popular answer, so I drew my Winking Unicorn, printed it, and cut it out.

Unicorn Sticker

I was so EXCITED. Sure I was lucky that it turned out well on the first try, but.. Something that I could take from an idea to a tangible result on my own? An outlet for amateur doodles besides the endless hashtag void? A potential ~side hustle, even? Yes yes yes. “Stickers are exactly what I needed” is a funny sentence, but it’s true for me.

Eventually, I felt ready to open my shop, and talk about the whole experience on the internet, so that’s what brings me before you today. Not only do I love documenting things for my own personal amusement, but I hope that reading about my experiences can help other handmade sellers, sticker makers, and artists. So get ready for everything from product tests to social media woes to visual envy – I mean inspiration. And thanks for reading. Really.